about me 

Over the past three years, I ran an animation studio called Gas Money Pictures, where I was responsible for development of properties (IPs), day to day operations, and supervision of post-production. 


Feature Films

Gas Money Pictures   |   DEATHDAY (director/producer)   |   2019  

Retrofocus Pictures  |   HITCHHIKER MASSACRE (producer)   |   2017  

Step Kids Productions   |   THE CONGREGATION (director/editor)   |   2015  

AMG Film Partners  | THE OTHER SIDE (director/editor)   |  2014

AMG Film Partners  |  PASTOR SHIRLEY (director/editor)  |  2013

Zapruter Picutres  | MONSTERS IN THE WOODS (director/producer)  |  2012

Zapruter Pictures  | TRAP (producer, director)  | 2010


Martine Abbey Productions   |   JUST FACE IT (producer/editor)   |   2023  

Moonlight Entertainment   |   HUSTLER VEGAS (producer, editor)  |   2015  

 Special Skills 

In addition to filmmaking, I also have over three years experience in social media marketing and promotion. I have built several pages and platforms from scratch to over 100,000 followers. I've also written over 20 feature screenplays and have had several purchases and options over the years.