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TRAPS (action/comedy)

A Veterinarian student and a struggling actor moonlight as hit men. Things get messy when a deranged stalker makes off with their latest victim.

EXIT (horror)

Following a botched drug deal, four heroin addicts seek refuge in a rural factory. Besieged by a mysterious figure and fighting withdrawal, they must work together to survive.

TRASH (drama/action)

An alcoholic hitwoman’s recovery hits a snag when she discovers her new love is related to her first victim and seeks retribution.

WRATH (horror)

Two troubled priests must come to terms with their pasts during a complicated investigation into two possessed siblings.

KILL MAMA (thriller/horror)

When a successful lawyer loses his job and finance, he returns to his family home to seek comfort from his mother. Problem is... mama’s gone crazy and won’t let him leave.

EAT (horror)

A dysfunctional family seeks refuge in an abandoned junkyard during a zombie apocalypse, where they must fend off both the living and the dead.

GRINDER (horror)

Seven strangers from different parts of the country find themselves trapped in an old butcher house and hunted by feral cannibals.

FEUD (action/supernatural)

Angels and Demons join forces to save the world from a third deity.


WORM (horror/sci-fi)

A group of monster hunters develop a virus, “The Worm,” to wipe out the monsters plaguing mankind. They soon realize their “cure” is much worse than the disease.


BLOOD HUNT (action/horror)

A vampire couple wakes after a bloody binge to find the female pregnant and no longer affected by sunlight. Hunted by the military and a deranged vampire hunter, they must protect their unborn child.


AFTERNOON DELIGHT (action/sci-fi)

Following a daring jewel heist, four criminals hide out in small town diner from the police and an invading alien force.



Three struggling offices workers accidentally kill their boss from hell. Now they must dispose of the body and finish up their day’s work by five.

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